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The Russian Federation is currently a state-member of the Customs Union.

Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation make up the unified customs territory. The boundaries of the unified customs territory constitute the customs border of the Customs Union. Movement of commodities across the customs border is regulated by the Customs legislation of the Customs Union.

The Customs legislation of the Customs Union has defined the following terms:

Goods – any movable property, as well as information on data carriers, currency of the member-states of the Customs Union, securities and (or) currency values, traveller’s cheques, etc. conveyed across the customs border.

Goods for personal use - the goods intended for personal, family, household   or other non-commercial purposes use of individuals conveyed across the customs border in a passenger-accompanied luggage or unaccompanied luggage or conveyed in any other different way.

Indivisible goods for personal usethe  goods for  personal use weighing more than 35 kilograms and consisting of one unit or one complete set of goods including the goods to be moved  in the disassembled, unassembled, incomplete or non- complete state subject to the goods possessing the basic property of the assembled, complete or final goods.

Accompanied luggage - the goods for personal use including hand luggage conveyed by an individual crossing the customs border

Unaccompanied luggage - the goods of an individual for personal use forwarded or being forwarded under the international carriage (transport expedition) agreement for actual conveyance across the customs border in connection with the entry or return entry of the individual to the territory of the Customs Union.

The following goods  are subject to customs declaration in written form while crossing  the Customs Union border by air

(customs declaration is filled in):

  1.  imported goods the customs value of which exceeds the equivalent of 1,500 Euros and (or) the weight of which exceeds 50 kilograms;
  2.  imported and exported cash (banknotes, treasury notes, coins, except for coins from precious metals) and (or) traveller’s cheques   exceeding 10,000 ( ten thousand) USD;
  3.  imported and exported monetary instruments (bills of exchange, bank cheques, securities);
  4.  precious metals: temporarily imported/exported  except for temporarily exported jewelry;
  5.  precious stones: temporarily imported, exported  emeralds, true rubies, sapphires, alexandrites, natural pearls in raw and processed condition, unique amber formations;
  6.  cultural valuables;
  7. exported government awards of the Russian Federation;
  8. endangered species of animals and plants, their parts  and  derivatives;
  9.  weapons and ammunition;
  10. urns with ashes, coffins with bodies (remains) of the dead;
  11. exported alcoholic drinks in the amount exceeding 3 litres;
  12. narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in the form of pharmaceutical products for personal use because of medical reasons upon presenting the appropriate documentation;
  13. radio-electronic means and (or) high frequency devices for civilian purposes, including built-in ones or being parts of other goods;
  14. technical encryption devices;
  15. inherited goods for personal use subject to the availability of the documentary evidence of such goods’ inheritance;
  16. goods for personal use, imported as accompanied luggage, in case the individual conveying them has unaccompanied luggage;
  17. other goods for declaration in written form specified by the Customs legislation of the Customs Union.

ATTENTION! An individual has the right at his/her discretion to declare in written form the goods not subject to declaring in writing.

Both the individual of a member state of the Customs Union and a foreigner can be a declarant of the goods conveyed across the customs border.

The goods for personal use of an individual under 16 years to be declared by the accompanying person (one of the parents, an adoptive parent, a guardian or a tutor accompanying this person and by the leader of the group in case of an organized tour entry, and return entry of a group of children under age without escort of parents, adoptive parents, guardians or tutors).

Non-declaring by an individual of the goods subject to mandatory written declaring, shall be regarded as a declaration of this individual of the fact that he/she has no such goods to declare.

Revealing by selective customs inspection of the goods subject to mandatory written declaring entails theresponsibility (administrative, criminal) of the passenger in compliance with the legislation of the member state of the Customs Union.

Declaring inadequate information  entails  responsibility (administrative, criminal) in compliance with the legislation of the member state of the Customs Union

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